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Donna Ulanowski, LCPC

Donna Ulanwoski - mental illness therapy in Olympia Fields, IL
Donna started the Personal Growth Center in 1989. Donna has trained professionals. She is licensed, professional, experienced, and certified in the state of Illinois.

The Personal Growth Center will assist you if you have suffered loss, abuse, or health related issues. Depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, loss of productivity, conflict within the family, substance abuse, and other unhealthy ways of being are all roadblocks on the path to joy and wholeness in your life. To help remove these roadblocks, together we will explore your personal history and assess your current situation.
Donna is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. Donna L. Ulanowski received her Master of Arts from Governors State University in University Park. Donna worked as a Mental Health Consultant for some schools in Chicago specializing in special needs children and at risk of becoming special needs. Donna has over 35 years of experience in counseling. Donna uses Cognitive Behavioral, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt & Mindfulness practices to help treat my patients.

As adults those beliefs and behaviors may now be limiting or even self defeating. With over 35 years of experience working from a Wholistic, Person Centered and Solution Focused way, I have been successful with individuals, adolescents,parents, couples, and families. I use Cognitive Behavorial, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt and Mindfulness Practices.

In addition to her Master of Arts degree, Donna is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, which means she is licensed to practice independently and able to accept third party insurance reimbursement. She is effective in many modalities of talk, touch, and movement therapies and combines them in a dynamic, open, powerful, and gentle system always integrating mind, body, emotions, and spirit. She is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist and has a body centered therapy practice inGestalt Synergy.

Donna grew up in a blended family. Also, she experienced single parenthood through divorce and then later widowhood. This has given her much empathy regarding the challenges and personal insight into the issues of divorce, remarriage, widowhood, single parenting, and resolving blended family issues. She is also an adult child of divorce, alcoholism, and abuse.

Donna has been the parent of two birth children; a teen daughter lost in an accidental death and one special needs son. In addition, she has parented a total of four step-children in two marriages. She has deep understanding of what it takes for successful parenting and fulfilling relationships. She understands what works and what doesn’t work.

Donna truly investigates and treats the whole person. She approaches her life’s work much the same as her practice of moving meditation, Tai Ji, with awareness and respect for the powerful healing which may occur when all parts of the self are integrated and wholly functional.

She has trained professionals and para professionals in community agencies, facilitated workshops through hospital well being programs, churches, and professional organizations. She is an energetic enthusiastic presenter specializing in the fields of mind-body wellness, body centered psychotherapy, and healthy living resources.

Donna’s goal has always been to maximize human growth to its fullest possible potential.To that end she has worked as a mental health specialist, consultant, and educator.
Donna has worked with some major names in her field including, llana Rubenfeld, John Bradshaw, Geneen Roth, Joan Borysenko, Jean Houston, Carolyn Myss, & Chunliang Al Huang.

Recently Donna has continued her study with Dr. Daniel Amen, a neuroresearcher and neuropsychiatrist, who uses neuroscience to help the hardest-to-treat individuals, couples, and families. His ever widening study and treatment has included issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, addiction, Alzheimer’s Disorder and maintaining brain health for vitality and longevity. He like Donna recommend the best alternative medicine techniques such as nutrition, supplements, herbs, still and moving meditation, acupressure, acupunture, and massage. He also recommends targeted medications as appropriate. Like Donna, Dr. Daniel Amen, believes in an individualized treatment plan.

Donna is continuing her longtime interest and study of Energy Psychology, new views of bereavment and loss, and spirituality in counseling. Perhaps most fitting label for her approach would be Unitive Psychology.